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About Harbor EAP

Our Philosophy: Balancing productivity & life's challenges to maximize both your mental and physical well-beingj0402647

Because there are times when you need more help than a friend can give, there's a Lighthouse Telehealth, LLC EAP professional ready to assist you with confidential and professional short term counseling and coaching services.

Our team has been providing innovative EAP programming since 1984. We recognized the need for individuals to have access to full-time, certified EAP consultants and licensed, credentialed counselors to provide prompt and professional assistance to both employees and employers.

At Lighthouse EAP, our business is caring for your employees, to help them recognize and resolve issues before they become serious problems for themselves, their families, and their employer.

Our centralized customer service staff provides program assistance and coordinates all appointments for EAP clients at our northwest Ohio offices and with Harbor EAP's contracted affiliate providers through Ohio, Michigan and other locations in the U.S. and Canada.



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