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  1. Harbor Wood County

    ... can I expect to happen at the Assessment Clinic? You will meet with an Admissions Specialist who will gather demographic information, insurance information, and consent forms. (This may take 20 minutes). ...

  2. Lucas County Heroin & Opiate Initiative

    ... house of a friend or neighbor. For a list of drop-off box locations in Lucas County click the link above. Videos Heroin & Opiate Initiative Video: 2018-2019   Key Facts The abuse of prescription ...

  3. Career Opportunities

    ... a wide range of positions such as: Nurses Job Developers & Coaches Counselors Insurance Specialists Social Workers Vocational Intake Staff Behavior Assistants  Receptionists ...

  4. What to Expect

    ... appointment, also called an intake. You’ll speak to one of our friendly Scheduling Specialists. One of the first questions they will ask you is whether mental health is covered on your health insurance, ...

  5. List of Harbor Services

      Mental Health Counseling for Youth, Adults and Families Substance Use Disorder Assessment and Treatment Assistance and Consultation for Childcare Centers Career Assessments Case Management ...

  6. Youth & Family Services

    Harbor works to help children be successful in the home, school and neighborhood. Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment CPST provides crisis prevention, symptom monitoring, case management and ...

  7. Harbor Services

    Harbor emphasizes "solution-focused" treatment through individual, family, and group counseling. Whether someone seeks help individually, with a spouse or parent, as an entire family, or in a group setting, ...

  8. Integrated/Primary Care

    ... A holistic approach is taken to aid the patient with their physical and mental health issues. This approach takes into account the environment, educational, psychosocial, and financial factors. Integrated ...

  9. History

    The Luella Cummings Home, which also operated as a school, was initially organized as The Girls Protection Agency in May 1913. The agency was largely founded under the leadership and inspiration of Mrs. ...

  10. Therapy Groups for Adults

    ... Tuesdays 2 - 3:30 p.m.  This is a group for women who are dealing with symptoms of depression. Clients learn and apply cognitive behavioral skills to change pessimistic ideas, unrealistic expectations, ...

  11. Welcome to Career Connections

    Your Community and Business Partner of Choice! Career Connections was created in 2003 by a few dedicated workforce development and rehab specialists. Our goal was to provide quality job placement and ...

  12. Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics

    ... as well as developmental pediatricians, also work closely with specialists in main areas of practice, such as speech pathologists, psychiatrists, geneticists, neurologists, occupational therapists, and ...

  13. Support and Volunteer Opportunities

    ... listed below. Or, you can call 419.475.4449, and someone can take your donation over the phone. As a non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Corporate ...

  14. Need Help Now?

    If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, call 911 or if you are a Lucas County Resident call RESCUE at 419.255.9585.Or, go to the nearest emergency room. For a list of emergency numbers, click ...

  15. Commitment to Quality

    The staff at Harbor considers it an honor to work in a field that has helped so many people feel better about themselves and improve their quality of life. The Harbor team considers itself very fortunate ...

  16. Meet Our Staff

    Harbor EAP employs a full-time team of professional, licensed, certified, and accredited counselors, psychologists, and board-certified psychiatrists. Our professional staff includes certified employee ...

  17. Alcohol & Other Drug Treatment

    Yes! Treatment Does Work! Changing lives from addiction to hope, happiness, and health.   Harbor’s Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Programs are designed to help people with substance use problems ...

  18. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    We are listening to you! Over 1000 of you participated in customer satisfaction surveys over the past year! Here is what you told us: "I truly belive Harbor has saved my life - I don't know where I'd ...

  19. Referring Customers

    Thank you for your interest in contracting our services. Below is a comprehensive list of the services we provide. Community-Based Assessment CBA Site Development This service is used to set up a CBA ...

  20. About Harbor EAP

    Our Philosophy: Balancing productivity & life's challenges to maximize both your mental and physical well-being Because there are times when you need more help than a friend can give, there's a Harbor ...

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