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  1. Prevention Presents: The Hazards of Hookah

      The Hazards of Hookah Donna Bacon, M.Ed., LSC Prevention Education Specialist Information about the dangers of cigarettes is everywhere now.  As smoking bans spread across the country, many ...

  2. Prevention Presents: Energy Drinks & Youth

      Energy Drinks & Youth  Eric Dale Prevention Specialist Did you know eleven percent of energy drink related Emergency Room visits involved youth aged 12-17 years old and 75 percent of those ...

  3. Prevention Presents: Celebrating Kindness

      Celebrate Kindness Ashley Rodebaugh, M.A. Prevention Education Specialist Take a moment, and think to yourself, when was the last time I did something unselfishly kind for someone else? Be honest ...

  4. Prevention Presents: Scare Tactics

       Scare Tactics: Make Them Aware or Give Them a Scare? Donna Bacon, M.Ed., LSC Prevention Education Specialist College students passed out on filthy public restroom floors, twisted remnants ...

  5. Prevention Presents: Preventing Childhood Obesity

    Preventing Childhood Obesity Eric Dale Prevention Specialist “The prevalence of obesity in children more than tripled  from 1971 to 2011”, according to the American Heart Association. Childhood ...

  6. Prevention Presents: Just One Sip

      Just One Sip…Is it safe? Eric Dale Prevention Specialist According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, alcohol is the substance most frequently abused by teens. Its use leads to the most ...

  7. Prevention Presents: Want to Quit Smoking?

    ... if I want to use an NRT or prescription medication? Studies suggest that the use of medications can double your success rate. Your doctor can be a great support of your new, healthy lifestyle. Enlist ...

  8. Prevention Presents: Marijuana & the Teen Brain

      Marijuana and the Teen Brain Ashley Rodebaugh, M.A. Prevention Education Specialist The United States has recently had more states legalize marijuana completely or for medical purposes, so it ...

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