Adult Transitional Program

Assisting our community with transitional living services for over 17 years.


Utilizing a holistic approach to nurture and link young adults to community resources, basic skills, and emotional or social support to ensure a successful entrance into adulthood.


Bridging youth from adolescence to adulthood

Who we serve:

The Transitional Living Program (ATP) serves youth from ages 17-25 that are forced into adulthood due to abandonment, domestic violence, abuse, or mental health issues.

Goals of the program:

  • Linking clients to accessing housing
  • Assess and further develop basic skills(budgeting, cooking, cleaning, access to community resources)
  • Aid in obtaining adult documentation such as State ID, social security card, and birth certificates, and obtain educational goals
  • Maintain stability in home, work, and/or school

Enrollment Criteria for Youth:

  • 17-25 years of age (if 17 years old, parent/guardian is in agreement with program enrollment)
  • Must have a SED or SPMI Diagnosis
  • Willing to obtain either a high diploma or a GED
  • Willing to obtain and hold employment
  • Willing to meet with case manager 1-2 times per week
  • High risk of being kicked out, pushed out or homeless
  • Willing and able to learn Basic Skills
  • If experiencing Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency issues, he/she must be willing to take drug screens and follow
  • all SA/CD assessment recommendations
  • Financially qualified

Services Provided:

  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Individualized Service Planning (ISP)
  • Basic Living Skills Assessment
  • Basic Living Skills Training
  • Job Readiness
  • Job Placement
  • Assisting with Community Resources enrollment
  • Educational Goal Planning
  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Community Support (Case Management)
  • Parenting Classes, one-to-one

For further information or to discuss possible referrals, please contact us at: 419-475-4449