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At times, children's behaviors and emotions can negatively affect their grades, friendships and family relationships. These problems can make it difficult for your child to succeed at school and at home. Harbor's goal is to help students succeed in school, at home and in the community by overcoming emotional and behavioral issues. Harbor accepts Medicaid insurance to cover most services. Different types of insurance can also cover some services and Harbor is willing to help you through the insurance process to verify if Community Based Services and/or other services would be covered by your insurance.

Benefits and FAQs



  • No cost to the school.
  • No travel time for the student.
  • Increase support to school staff.
  • Collaboration of innovative ideas to improve student success.
  • Practical application to the student’s school related emotional or behavioral issues.
  • Therapist comes to school campus to work on emotional or behavioral issues.
  • Straight-forward communication with the school and the needs to be addressed with the student.
  • Ability to provide high frequency interventions for struggling students.
  • Therapists work with the families to prepare them for the school year and help students be successful throughout the year.
  • Help create successful school plans for the fall and all year!


What will the Community Based Therapist(CBT) need when s/he is on campus?
The CBTs need a confidential place to meet with the students.

How do I get a family involved with counseling services at school?
Give them the folder of Harbor info and have them follow the directions stated on the letter. You can also call Harbor with the parent to ensure services are set up.

What does the school have to do?
Provide a place for the CBT to meet.Give families the packet of information and recommend they set up an appointment with Harbor Youth and Family Services. Reinforce that a majority of the services will take place at the school and other community locations that are helpful to the family.



Other Harbor Services

Individual and Group Counseling
Community Support Services
Developmental Pediatrics
Child Psychology
Psychiatric Evaluation
School-Based Programs
Psychological Testing
Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment
Vocational & Rehabilitation Services
Career Assessments
Community Based Counseling
Integrated/Primary Care
Parenting Groups
Medication Management
Dual Diagnosis
On-Site Pharmacy
Wellness Education
Telehealth Services


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