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Common Counseling Myths


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Common Counseling Myths
Cheryl Thompson, LPCC
Clinical Therapist II

New Year’s Resolutions are very popular this time of year. Perhaps the most widespread resolution is to lose weight and improve health with diet and exercise. But what about your mental health? If you’ve been feeling depressed, anxious, or just stressed out, you may want to make seeing a counselor your resolution in 2015.

In my work, I often come across clients who believe certain myths about counseling. Fortunately, these myths are not true, but they tend to stop people from coming to counseling or making progress in their sessions.

I sometimes hear people say that counseling is only for those who have very severe problems. In reality, counseling can be helpful for all kinds of people and issues, from everyday stress to severe depression and suicidal thoughts. No problem is too big or too small.

Some clients believe that if a counselor doesn’t know them, then they can’t help. Actually, this is one of the reasons why counseling is effective. Counselors are specially trained to be able to help you deal with your troubles and find solutions. A counselor will be able to help you explore your problems from a fresh and nonjudgmental perspective.

When clients have relationship problems, they may say that they believe the other person is the one who really needs to change. Even if there are problems related to the other person, we always have the choice to improve our own behavior. No matter what the cause of your relationship difficulties, counseling can teach you skills to cope better, improve communication, and set boundaries.

Nobody is immune to life’s challenges. If you are having trouble coping, please give Harbor a call at 419.475.4449 and schedule an appointment with a counselor today. Have a happy and healthy new year!


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Summer Safety
Ashley Rodebaugh, M.A.
Prevention Education Specialist



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