EAP Referrals & Summary of Benefits

Harbor EAP can assist HR and other leaership to effectively address employee productivity and job performance issues through referrals, which can be informal or formal, based on your company's employment practices and policies.

  • Informal: a reminder of EAP services, or a suggestion that an employee utilize EAP services to address a personal issue or a developing workplace performance issue - self referred.
  • Formal: recommend that employee utilize their EAP counseling or coaching service as part of a disciplinary process - employer referred.

You may encounter issues and employees that require special attention – attention that is often best provided by an objective third-party behavior and risk expert. Let us evaluate your troubled employees, assess risk, and recommend a treatment plan. We’re experts at behavior change and problem management, and will coordinate all aspects of the process, at your request.

HR Formal Referral Form

If you are considering a referral of an employee who may not be working at their top effectiveness, we recommend that you contact us for an EAP employer consultation: Harbor EAP at 419-475-5338 | 800-422-5338.

Employee Assistance Program: Summary of Benefits and Coverage

For our current clients: if you would like a copy of your company's personalized SBC plan, please give our office a call.

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms


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