What is an Employee Asssistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a benefit an employer provides to its employees and often to their eligible family members to help them overcome life's challenges - improving their performance at work and positively impacting their health and family life. It allows for easy access to professional, confidential, brief counseling to employees and their family members, at no charge to them.

What are some common issues?

Relationships — Communication, affection and other issues, conflicts, separation, and divorce

Family — Parenting, peer relations, childcare, school performance, conduct, grief and loss, eldercare, siblings, and budgeting

Substance Abuse — Alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, tobacco and other drugs; co-dependency

Psychological — Depression, grief, anxiety, panic, eating, sleep, personality and other problems; family members’ issues

Job — Performance, relations, stress, conflict, career goals

Who is eligible?

Employees and their spouses and dependents (under age 26).  Participants must reside in the same household, except for college students.

How do I access my EAP?

Simply call our offices at 419.475.5338 or 1.800.422.5338 for Harbor EAP's 24-hour phone coverage.

In non-emergency situations Harbor EAP can typically offer an appointment within two days. If the problem is an emergency, more expedient accommodations will be made. All calls are returned quickly and with compassion.

Are services confidential?

All of our services are strictly confidential. If you want your employer to know you are being seen by one of our professionals, you would be asked to sign a written authorization form allowing our staff to contact your employer.

I’ve never been to a counselor – what should I expect?

At your first appointment our counselors will listen to your situation, symptoms, and stressors. Our counselors will then provide you with valuable support, teach you coping skills and most importantly, help you to form goals and develop immediate action plans. Most issues are resolved within 2-3 brief sessions, other situations take more time. If additional specialists or sessions are desired, our counselors can help you with referrals, and coordinate with your health insurance.

Where are your offices located?

EAP counseling services are offered at Harbor Behavioral Health locations in northwest Ohio, and through our contracted affiliate providers located throughout Michigan, Ohio and  Indiana. . .plus we offer affiliate provider care in various locations across the US and Canada.

What happens if I used my allowed amount of sessions and I need more help?

Once you exhaust your EAP benefits, you would be given options for ongoing care, such as a referral to a support group or a referral to a provider whom you would use your insurance to see.

Do you offer alcohol and other drug assessments, mental health assessments, or custody evaluations?

Yes, we offer alcohol and other drug assessments and mental health assessments by licensed counselors, social workers, and psychologists. We do not offer custody evaluations, but may refer you to someone in the community who could perform such a service.

Do you offer information and referral services for community resources?

Absolutely! You could call us to inquire about your specific needs, and we can supply you with the requested information and a referral to a community resource.



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