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Public Interview Tips for Incredible Job Seekers



Interview Tips for
Incredible Job
Tiffany Koch-Charles
Harbor, Career Connections

“Flexible or Adaptable”, why beat around the bush? When I ask local hiring managers what they are looking for to fill a position, they describe a worker that resembles The Incredibles superhero mom Elastigirl.

At an interview, jobseekers can convey their multi-tasking elasticity by citing specific examples. One area recruiter advises interviewees to mention an assigned core project and talk about how the project branched out and you completed additional accountabilities.

Testimonials should also speak to your trustworthiness and dependability because anyone can claim to possess both of these attributes. Be careful though, a savvy interviewer will challenge you into filling those uncomfortable silences. If you’ve backed up your claim with three sentences and the interviewer is still nodding or starring at you, don’t assume the talking burden.

“Do you have any more questions about my experience?” is what a seasoned area Human Resource Director advises people to say so they don’t leak negative information.

Additionally, the clothing you put on should project you as one level above the job you are seeking.  An interviewer once told me that she could not hire an Executive Assistant wearing Capris because the CEO’s commitment to quality work was far from casual.  Body language is equally important.

Interviewees can’t always know a potentials bosses personality before an interview.  However, studying every inch of the company website, job description at bls.gov, Toledo Blade articles and television websites are invaluable.  Maybe you volunteer with one of their Board members.  Volunteerism is also a great way to build samples of work to bring with you to your paid dream job interview

If you are an employer with a dream job, or would like to hear more about our many flexible clients, contact Career Connections at 419.479.3233. ext. 1235 and ask for Tiffany Koch-Charles.



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