Job Seekers

Welcome Job Seeker!

Now more than ever, finding work can be an overwhelming task. The professionals at Career Connections are here to work closely with you as well as liaison with area employers to bridge the gap.

Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned professional needing assistance, we can help you in the following areas:


  • Resume building
  • Interviewing Skills - how to answer tough questions
  • Cold-Calling
  • Networking
  • Completing Job Applications, the right way


  • Help you identify your vocational goals
  • Uncover hidden job market in NW Ohio and SE Michigan
  • Work with community businesses to find the right fit for you

Not Quite Ready to Begin Work?

Career Connections will assist you to determine your next step. We offer a variety of assessments, trainings and support networks that will help you toward your vocational goals.

Vocational Evaluations - If you are new to job seeking or find yourself needing to re-enter the workforce in a new field, the vocational evaluation process may be a good tool to help redirect you. It includes an intensive interview, broad-based testing, a computerized job matching process, and labor market outlook information to specify job goals. Some examples of instruments utilized for the assessment include: Self-Directed-Search, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Career Aptitude Placement Survey, Wide Range Achievement Test, Wonderlic Personnel Test, and work attitude and motivation surveys.

Job Seeking Skills Training - Getting a job is definitely a job! Our professionals will help you develop a eye-catching resume, despite your skill level. During JSST, we also assist you with honing your interview skills, mastering the art of cold-calling, networking and completing job applications.

Job Coaching - Our job coaching team is one of the most skilled and experienced in the business. We provided on site and off-site job coaching to assist in specialized training during job try-outs, community based assessments, and job placement. Job coaching may be used for short-term or long term projects which call for an extended periods of support.

Job Try Outs - In the form job try-outs are used as an assessment and evaluation tool to determine whether or not the job is a good fit for you. Some methods we use are: community based assessment, work adjustment training, work experience and on the job trainings. All job try outs are paid.

Job Placement - Once your goal is defined, a Job Developer works one-on-one with you to assist you in obtaining employment consistent with your job goal. Job developers are professionals who have an extensive knowledge of the local labor market, have relationships with local employers, and possess knowledge of what it takes to get a job. The developer provides consultation on job search strategies, access to job search resources, job leads, and assists with introducing the individual to potential employers to help the person in landing a job offer. Our skilled team of Job Developers offer a combined 40 years of experience in successful job placements.

Follow-Up and Retention/Job Save - Once we place you, we don't walk away! Our caring professionals will stay in communication with you and the employer to ensure that job placement is success. Service is provided on or off site as necessary. Where applicable, we also provided job-save services in cases where advocacy and education on ADA related issues may be crucial.

Financial Benefits Analysis - Unsure of how work will affect your SSI/SSDI benefits? Our financial benefit consultants will give you accurate projections on how employment may affect your benefits.

Travel Training - Intimidated by the public transportation system? Our team of experts will assist you


Other Harbor Services

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Child Psychology
Psychiatric Evaluation
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Vocational & Rehabilitation Services
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