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Harbor EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Work, family, finances – all important aspects of life that often, without notice, can easily be knocked out of balance. A minor disagreement with a spouse that escalates into a week-long stalemate; a free-spirited teenager who knows more than you do; an elderly parent who can no longer live without assistance.

Often, life events fix themselves without professional involvement. But then there are other times when we can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. Often, it takes an outsider to look in, to see what we can’t, to fix what isn’t quite broken. Stress and distraction are costly. Critical needs, like the productivity of your workforce, customer relationships, and the ability to control healthcare and disability costs can be placed in jeopardy. Restoring balance can be the difference between a lost account, a production line error, or a strong finish.

What if ensuring balance for your workforce was easy? What if there was a way to help your employees regain focus, increase attendance, productivity and outlook at work, and at home?

There is. It’s called Harbor EAP. Custom-tailored to fit your particular work environment, work force, and industry. Let Harbor EAP become an extension of your business and help your make the most of your most valuable investment - your employees.

Harbor EAP Customized Services for all Work Settings:

  • Flexible Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Models
  • Work/Life Concierge and Legal/Financial Consultation
  • Mandated Single Case Assessments and Referral Support
  • On-Site Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD)
  • Pre-Employment and Fitness for Duty Assessments & Evaluations
  • Drug Free Safety Program Education and Training
  • Organizational Development Workshops
  • Life Coaching and Consultation

Harbor Employee Assistance Program For more information, call us at: 419.475.5338 | 800.422.5338



Other Harbor Services

Individual and Group Counseling
Community Support Services
Developmental Pediatrics
Child Psychology
Psychiatric Evaluation
School-Based Programs
Psychological Testing
Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment
Vocational & Rehabilitation Services
Career Assessments
Community Based Counseling
Integrated/Primary Care
Parenting Groups
Medication Management
Dual Diagnosis
On-Site Pharmacy
Wellness Education
Telehealth Services


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