Youth and Drugs

Why is Drug Prevention Awareness important for youth?

There are several reasons youth start to use drugs. Some believe drugs will help them think better, be more popular, or become better in their athletics. Others may just be curious and figure one try won’t hurt. Many young people begin to use drugs because they’re depressed and think that the drugs will help them escape their problems. Some of the drugs used are cigarettes (nicotine), marijuana, and inhalants.

Known Facts about Nicotine, Marijuana and Inhalants

Nicotine is the stimulant in tobacco. Nicotine can be chewed and smoked from cigarettes or cigars. Twenty percent of high school students smoke. Marijuana is known as the ‘gateway’ drug because it can frequently lead to the use of stronger drugs. Inhalants are substances that are used for an immediate rush or high. They include some common household products, such as glue, paint thinners, felt-tip marker fluid, and spray paints. Many are highly addictive and once a child starts it may become hard for him/her to stop.

What are inhalants?

Inhalants are ordinary household products that are sniffed, snorted, “bagged” (fumes inhaled from a plastic bag), or “huffed” (inhalant-soaked rag, sock or paper towel).



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