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ProMedica HealthConnect


ProMedica HealthConnect is an online health community that provides expert advice to improve your health and well-being. Harbor Experts have collaborated on a number of different mental health and substance use topics to provide you with knowledge, experience, and support. To read articles with contributions from Harbor Experts, click on the links below or visit www.promedicahealthconnect.org 


 teen-girl-holding-head-upset     Recognizing the Symptoms of Eating Disorders Among Teens 
Featuring Sierra Farmer, MSW, LISW-S 
May 17, 2017
 scale-bariatric-mentalhealth     Why Mental Health is Part of Weight Loss Surgery 
Featuring Tracy Fraley, Ph.D., Psychologist
May 12, 2017
 mom-son-talking-serious     What to Do When You Catch Your Teen with Marijuana
Featuring Deirdre Washington, M.Ed., OCPSI
February 11, 2017
 woman-upset-stressed-couch-holidays     Simplifying Your Holiday to Save Your Sanity
December 20, 2016
 family-happy-africanamerican     The Key to Healthy Blended Families
October 15, 2016
 kids-running     Positive Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity
By Eric Dale, Prevention Specialist
April 15, 2016
 man-serious-talk     6 Ways to Start the Conversation About Suicide 
By Katie Smith, LPCC
March 12, 2016
 holiday-gathering     Teens, Alcohol, and the Holidays: Even a Sip Can Be Damaging 
By Eric Dale, Prevention Specialist
December 24, 2015

Helping Seniors with the Holiday Blues 
By Charlene Toska, Senior Prevention Educator
December 23, 2015


Coping With Social Anxiety at Holiday Gatherings 
December 16, 2015


Expert Tips for Getting Back on the Fitness Wagon 
Featuring Katie Smith, LPCC
October 30, 2015


Express Yourself: How to Help Kids Share Their Emotions
October 9, 2015


When Parents Overstep Boundaries on Social Media
Featuring Luke Johnson, QHHS-CPST
September 25, 2015


Common Mental Health Disorders: Schizophrenia
Featuring Bushra Qureishi, MD
September 13, 2015


Common Mental Health Disorders: Anxiety 
Featuring Bushra Qureishi, MD
August 27, 2015

 couple-outdoors-together     How a Play Date Can Help Couples Reconnect
August 24, 2015

Common Mental Health Disorders: Depression 
Featuring Bushra Qureishi, MD
August 18, 2015


Common Mental Health Disorders: ADHD
Featuring Bushra Qureishi, MD
August 12, 2015


Common Mental Health Disorders: Bipolar Disorder
Featuring Bushra Qureishi, MD
August 5, 2015


Does National Tragedy Impact Our Mental Health?
July 22, 2015


How Fireworks Affect Veterans with PTSD
July 3, 2015


Understanding Depression
June 13, 2015


Paths to Heroin Addiction and New Measures of Prevention
Featuring Theresa Butler, Vice President of Clinical Services and Stephanie Calmes, Clinical Manger of AOD
June 11, 2015


Autism: Moving From Awareness to Action
By Danielle DeLong, Psy.D.
May 6, 2015


Is Your Child Stressed During the Holidays?
Featuring Janice Bohmler
December 22, 2014


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Lock the Cabinet
Dee Washington, M.Ed. OCPS I
Manager, Prevention Education



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