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CG4FHarbor Day Treatment

Harbor Day Treatment is a specialized treatment program and educational service provided by Harbor, in conjuction with Toledo Public Schools. This program offers a school-based partial hospitalization program for grades K-12 in separate facilities for students who are demonstrating severe emotional disturbances or behavioral problems.

Students are referred primarily for emotional problems interfering with school performance such as anger, anxiety, or depression due to school or family issues. Through the services offered, students can learn how to:

     Increase effective interpersonal and problem-solving skills
     Develop healthy and adaptive coping skills
     Manage mental health symptoms

How can I enroll my child in Day Treatment?
Students must be referred to the Harbor Day Treatment through the Toledo Public Schools Special Education Department. Families or counselors; however, these referrals will be subject to approval by the Special Education Supervisor.

Why Harbor Day Treatment?
Harbor Day Treatment strives to provide a positive atmosphere in which students can make progress toward behavioral and educational goals. We encourage and support parental involvement in the treatment program at Harbor Day Treatment, and with other services offered in the community.

This program helps students develop the emotional resources necessary to cope with the inevitable stresses of school and daily life, and provides services for the family to help them deal most effectively with the student’s special needs.

Referrals and treatment coordination for students and families are provided as appropriate. Each student develops an individual treatment plan to follow and reviews it annually or as needed to determine if goals are being met. Ultimately, students are encouraged to return to a less restrictive setting when their behavior indicates they are likely to experience success in such a setting.

For more information, contact Colleen Vonderembse at:tpsproud logo

Phone:  419.671.5550

Harbor Day Treatment at Robinson Annex
1075 Horace Street, Toledo, OH 43606

Harbor Day Treatment at Westfield
617 Western Avenue, Toledo, OH 43609