Harbor EAP/Corporate Services

Do you need an Employee Assistance Program?

We ARE the leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider in Northwest Ohio. Offices based in Northwest Ohio with affiliates nationwide, or we can come to you. We offer immediate Crisis Management, with local full-time clinicians.

We are NOT your typical EAP provider! We provide cutting edge assistance when you need it. Integrated EAP counseling (partnering), guidance and crisis assistance for tough employee situations as they arise, as well as business coaching and wellness coaching.

We can make a difference in the productivity and profitability of your business. Employees often have personal issues that need professional assistance.

Crisis Management and Improving Productivity

Comprehensive crisis management programs, coaching, counseling and support on an as needed fee basis. Pay only when you need us, allowing you a cost effective solution.

  • Consultation
    Problem solving and action planning with you on business concerns involving employees, for example: performance, behavior, morale and wellness matters.
  • Business Group Training
    • Stress Management
    • Workplace Violence Prevention
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Harassment Prevention
    • Conflict Management
    • Coping with Change
    • Drug-Free Workplace
    • Communication
    • and other customized trainings
  • Counseling
    Do you have an employee who is under performing due to divorce, finances, relationships, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, stress or a variety of other personal challenges?

We Can Help! We Provide Flexibility and Affordability 24/7 with no long term contracts.

Why Harbor EAP?

Maybe you would like support making improvements in your personal or professional life, such as reaching a goal you have long wanted to achieve, advancing in your organization, or dealing with an unresolved problem in your life. This is where our team of EAP Consultants may be of help to you and your family. They can perform an assessment of your needs, make recommendations to you for meeting these needs, and provide counseling services to you free of charge in a confidential manner.

Examples of things our clients seek help with may include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Finding Motivation
  • Managing Stress
  • Mood Problems
  • Improving Parenting
  • Ceasing Substance Abuse
  • Enhancing Relationships
  • Eldercare Challenges

Confidential, professional counseling can help you and your family deal with issues you encounter in
everyday life and other challenges.

Are you interested in Wellness Programming?

Why Harbor EAP?

Maybe you would like support improving your health. Perhaps you want to start an exercise program, but you cannot seem to find the motivation to do so, or you are not exactly sure what exercise program would be best for you. This is where our team of wellness professionals can be of assistance to you. They can perform an individual assessment of your needs and tailor a wellness program to meet those needs. From there, they can provide you with wellness coaching to help you carry out an individualized wellness plan with professional, confidential support.

Contact us for help with:
WELL-EAP is a benefit of your employment. Check with Human Resources to see if WELL-EAP benefits are included.

  • Exercise
  • Coaching toManage Illness
  • Weight Loss/Maintenance
  • Fatigue
  • Nutrition
  • Information &Referral Services
  • Prevention of Illness

Service offerings from Harbor EAP:

Alcohol and Other Drug Education Series

The two-session series will be conducted by licensed independent chemical dependency counselor (LICDC) and is intended for the individual who has had some negative consequences as a result of his or her alcohol and/or other drug use: be it court involvement, family problems, problems at work, or problems with friends and relatives.

Topics covered in the class will include, but not limited to:

  • The differences between use, abuse, and dependency
  • The disease concept of addiction
  • Information about some specific mood-altering drugs and their effects on the body
  • The stages of addiction
  • Information for family members

The cost of the two-session series will be $80. Classes will be held at:

Harbor Behavioral Health, 4334 Secor Rd., Toledo, Ohio.

Family members are invited to attend as well at no additional charge. Please note that the class will be open to adolescent participants accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For information, call 419.475.5338 to register for the sessions through the front desk receptionist. Payment of $80 via cash, check, or money order must be paid the first night of the class. Individuals cannot be admitted into the class if they have not paid for the series. Insurance will NOT be billed for these sessions, as they are educational in nature, and do not constitute treatment. The class must be completed the same month it was begun, or the month after it was begun, at the latest.