Testimonials from Corporate Clients

"My biggest reason for initiating the contact with your company was to give our employees access to counseling services. Many employees in the past came to me with problems looking for help and I struggled to assist. Your service eliminated that problem.

Last week alone we had an employee come to their supervisor and our HR staff stated they needed help. They said they recently had thoughts of suicide. Within one hour we had our employee in front of your staff. That type of service is what I was looking for."
– HR Director (name withheld), area manufacturing plant.

M-Tek, Inc. – "Harbor has gone above and beyond with personnel issues as well as searching out answers for training issues."

Sofo Foods – "Harbor has been a great resource for us in handling some very complicated employee issues. We count on the professionalism of your staff and we have never been disappointed."

Great Lakes Window – "We have received service when needed, and been left alone when needed as well – there is a balance between raving fan service and just becoming annoying and Harbor offers GLW Raving Fan service."

TPS Credit Union – "I personally had 3 different occasions to use our EAP services and found them quite helpful. I cannot imagine dealing with some critical life changes without having an impartial "qualified" professional to talk to. I have encouraged employees as well as other family members to check to see if their employer offers EAP as an employee benefit."