Workshop Topics

Harbor EAP offers a variety of workshops for employees and organizations to promote knowledge of health and wellness. For a complete list, or to request a customized training, please contact Harbor EAP Coordinator or Service Manager: 419.475.5338 or 800.422.5338

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating has the powerful potential to transform people's relationship to food and eating, to improve overall health, body image, relationships and self-esteem. Mindful eating involves many components such as:

  • learning to make choices in beginning or ending a meal based on awareness of hunger and satiety cues;
  • learning to identify personal triggers for mindless eating, such as emotions, social pressures, or certain foods;
  • valuing quality over quantity of what you're eating;
  • appreciating the sensual, as well as the nourishing, capacity of food;
  • feeling deep gratitude that may come from appreciating and experiencing food

Renewal: Restoring and Maintaining Personal Energy

This workshop is designed to look at stress from a woman's perspective. Women are socialized to measure their worth by how well they nurture others. This takes energy! If women are usually directing their energies outward, they alsoneed ways to bring energy inward, to re-fuel. Participants will increase their awareness of the importance of renewal. They will also explore what it takes to feel restored and identify specific strategies for managing their stress.

The Sandwich Generation

This generation is squeezed between raising children and assisting other family members. The workshop is designed to answer basic questions about how to cope with the demands of being pulled in two different directions. A brief review of parenting styles is included. Also included are tips on recognizing when your family member needs help.

Coach...Got One? — Professional and Performance Coaching

Have you ever tried to change a behavior? Are you clear on your goals for your career, your team, your organization? Many of us are well-intentioned and motivated yet just aren't sure how to successfully reach our goals. We all struggle with roadblocks to reaching our true potential. Enter the Coach. The Coach is interested in one thing — YOUR SUCCESS! The Coach is a co-creative partner in designing goals and developing the means to get there. The coach provides the structure, support, and accountability and the end result is clarity, action, and success!

Choosing to Thrive – Coping with Change

Moving effectively through change requires knowledge, skills and the right attitude. Participants will learn about the change curve, assess where they are on the curve, and develop a plan for taking action in moving through the change. This is an interactive program with reflection activities, group discussions and exercises designed to help participants stock their tool bags and take ownership of their well being. The result: employees move from merely "surviving" work and personal challenges to succeeding and THRIVING.

Work/Life Balance — Balancing Work and Family Life

Everyone at all levels of society is becoming more and more aware of the stress we experience as we struggle to balance our responsibilities at home and at work. Too often we have to choose between the demands of work and family—between doing our jobs and caring for our family and children or increasingly, our elderly parents. We need to find balance by finding ways to decrease stress or at least find effective ways to live with it. Work/Life Balance explores work/life stressors and a holistic approach to a balanced life.

Tackling Stress — Stress Management

This workshop is designed to give participants an opportunity to explore the nature of stress. Participants will also learn specific strategies for responding to "stressors" in ways that "empower" vs. "deplete."