What to Expect

Congratulations. You’re taking an important step to feeling better by deciding to call Harbor.

When You Call Us

When you call us at 419.475.4449, let us know that you’d like to schedule a first-time appointment, also called an intake. You’ll speak to one of our friendly Scheduling Specialists. One of the first questions they will ask you is whether mental health is covered on your health insurance, whether you work for a company enrolled in our Employee Assistance Program, or whether you plan to pay for the fees yourself. This will help determine which of our locations you’ll visit for your counseling sessions, and you may be transferred to a different site for scheduling.

Harbor Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 419-475-5338 | 800-422-5338

If you will be using your Employee Assistance Program, we will not need any insurance information from you. We’ll simply ask you for your employer so we can verify it against the list of companies participating in the program. Your employer will NOT know that you visited us, unless you choose to tell them or if your visit is a mandatory referral (a condition of your continued employment with the company).

Intake Questions

The Scheduling Specialist will ask you several questions. You can be confident that we are very protective of your privacy and will keep this information confidential.

  • Name – Please note that adult guardians of adults can make appointments for the person they have guardianship for.
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Insurance Information
    Employer, in case you have Employee Assistance (EAP) benefits you may not be aware of
  • What type of issue are you having that has led you to feel you need counseling service? (A brief description here is fine.)

At this point, the Scheduling Specialist will match you to a counselor based on the type of issue you are experiencing,which of our staff would be appropriate to help you with that issue, and your type of insurance (if applicable). Next, the Scheduling Specialist will set up your appointment with the counselor. We’ll also give you directions to the site at which you’ll be seen.

Before Your First Visit

We’ll give you a reminder call a day or two before your appointment. Rest assured that if we need to leave a message on an answering machine or with someone other than you, we’ll only state that “Counselor's Name" office is calling to confirm your appointment at the determined date and time. We will not disclose any personal information – your privacy is very important to us!

In the meantime, we’ll verify your insurance information such as the co-pay and benefits available to you. We may call you to make sure you fully understand the benefits you are eligible to receive, and to let you know if you need to get a referral from your general physician.

At Your First Appointment

Arrive about 15-30 minutes early to fill out some paperwork, just as you would at any health care provider.

If you choose, you can download the forms you’ll need by clicking on the "New Clients" link in the left column and then clicking the "Forms" link under that section.

Please bring your insurance card with you so we may photocopy it.

We may also need a list of medications you take – along with the dosages.

When you arrive, please check in at the designated area. If you did not fill out the paperwork before arriving, you will have a chance to fill it out at this time.

Someone on our staff will bring you to a private room to see if you have any questions about the paperwork. He or she will also go over some important information such as Harbor’s privacy practices, your insurance verification information (if applicable), and your rights and responsibilities as our client. We will make a photocopy of your insurance card (if applicable) and identification card, like a driver’s license, and collect your co-pay at this time, if you have one.

Meeting Your Counselor

At your first appointment, your counselor will ask you some questions about your background. He or she will also collect additional personal information to include in a “Diagnostic Assessment,” which is a set of questions to identify the issues you’re experiencing. A counselor will NOT prescribe medication at your first appointment. If you are in need of medication, they will refer you to one of Harbor’s prescribers for an additional appointment.

You are a vital and welcome participant in the planning of your treatment, and are encouraged to ask questions and discuss your progress.

Special Circumstances

The descriptions above are meant as a general guideline to help you understand the process of becoming a client with Harbor. There are occasionally special circumstances which may need to be addressed.

If you live outside our Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan service area, we will take the same general information as described above, and refer you to one of our contracted counselors in your area.

If you are a Harbor employee, your Employee Assistance Program offers confidential services with local counselors not employed by Harbor. Check on Harbor’s Intranet to get contact information on EAP counselors for Harbor employees. As with all EAP services, your choice to take advantage of this service will not be reported to your employer unless you choose to tell them, or if it is a mandatory referral.


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