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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mental health?

Mental Health issues can range from mild depression or anxiety to severe and persistent mental illnesses such as Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia. Harbor is dedicated to customizing a treatment plan that fits your needs to help you enjoy the quality of life you deserve.

What range of services does Harbor offer?

Harbor offers a comprehensive array of services including mental health assessment and counseling, substance use disorder treatment and prevention, developmental pediatrics, and wellness services for all ages. We also can help those with barriers to employment find jobs. For a complete list of services we provide, view the Services link on the homepage of

What age group does Harbor serve?

Harbor serves infants, children, adults and families.

I do not have insurance, can I still receive treatment?

Yes. Please contact us for more details.

What is the process for receiving services once we have the assessment?

Once you have completed your assessment, our professionals will determine if you need to continue treatment with a doctor for medications, and/or if treatment will continue with a counselor. For more information, view the I'm New button on the home page of

How long does treatment last?

Length of treatment varies greatly from person to person and depends on the issues addressed. The staff at Harbor will be able to give you some idea of how long your treatment might last.

Does Harbor prescribe medication?

Yes, Harbor can prescribe medications. Based on your mental health plan and needs, medication may be prescribed by one of our Physicians or Certified Nurse Practitioners. Treatment may also be available that does not include medication.

Do I have to release information to my primary care provider or school?

No. You do not have to release any information you do not feel comfortable sharing. However, when it comes to sharing information with your Primary Care Provider, we recommend you consider doing so. Sharing your progression of treatment can assist in your recovery.

Are there directions posted so I can find your locations?

Click on the Locations link on this website to view our locations, phone numbers and maps.

How can families and friends make a difference in the life of someone needing treatment?

Supporting your family and friends during treatment can be challenging. You will need to have patience and understanding - and be sure to have a non-judgmental attitude. Keep in mind that recovery can be a very trying time and will not be an overnight process.