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Harbor's Adult Community Support & Therapy Groups are held at 5151 Monroe Street, Suite 200, Toledo OH.

For more information, or to enroll: 419-475-4449

Choice Theory 101

Choice Theory psychology is a strength-based self-evaluation approach that focuses on better choices, or what choices result in increased need satisfaction. We have five genetic needs: love/belonging, power/achievement, fun, freedom and survival.

Participants will learn tools to plan better and be in control of themselves. In addition, central to this group is learning how to have more meaningful relationships, to not allow others to control us, and to avoid making excuses for poor choices.

Daily Coping Skills

Focuses on providing specific skills for promoting independence in daily recovery activities. Curriculum specific and time limited, the group is intended to provide useful options in behavior change, developing coping mechanisms, providing support for social interaction and to provide a venue for time management education.

Changing Times

Developed with a mature population in mind, it is often difficult for clients to recognize that the world is in a constant state of change. Sometimes confusing, and met with resistance, change requires new coping mechanisms and overcoming personal fears that affect how people perceive themselves in the world. Clients with excessive anxiety, adjustment difficulties, and social phobias are welcome.

Peer Support. Go Boldly with Hope

Sessions are intended to provide a welcoming format for new clients entering the mental health system. Emphasis on positive thinking, confidence building, goal planning, and building supports, while being assisted in moving through the process of recovery.

Maintaining Identity in Relationships

Focused on a participant’s desire to improve his/her ability in maintaining a healthy sense of self within various relationships, the group will explore basic rights, establish a clear definition of personal expectations, and identify barriers to building healthy relationships. Members will experience alternative communication styles and learn techniques for assertiveness within conflicted relationships. Appropriate for those experiencing relationships that impede personal freedom and growth.

Mental Health and Communication

Discover more about the role of communication influencing mental health symptoms; group members will learn more about themselves and make plans for mental health improvements and recovery. Goals of this group include increasing communication skills such as assertion and social interaction, as well as improving the general knowledge to use new skills in use.

Women’s Group

Provides an opportunity for building interpersonal skills, developing boundaries, and identifying self-defeating behaviors preventing clients from getting their needs met. Ultimate goal is to increase social skills, understand socialization and discuss outside recreational opportunities.

Build Self-Esteem

Designed to help people develop and maintain healthy self-esteem and self-confidence. Participants are taught the importance of changing negative thinking and self-defeating behaviors into the positive in order to increase self-esteem and help recognize their positive attributes.

Do You Have Chronic Pain?

1 out of 10 Americans suffer from Chronic Pain

Helps clients manage the depression and anxiety that can be associated with chronic pain. Will present the latest research and scientific breakthroughs on pain control, and will teach techniques to help you manage your chronic pain.

Coping with Depression - Adult Therapy Group for Women:

For women who are dealing with symptoms of depression. Clients learn skills specific to managing depression. Develop positive goals, effective interpersonal relationships and problem solving skills.

Anxiety Depression and Weight

To help you understand depression, anxiety, and the unwanted weight gain frequently associated with depression and anxiety. To improve your self image and change how you may feel about yourself. Provides current information about depression and anxiety. Presents therapeutic techniques to help manage your depression and weight gain.

Borderline Personality Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is for adults who display all or some of the following behaviors:

  • Chaotic relationships
  • High emotional intensity/moodiness
  • Impulsivity
  • Self-harm behaviors
  • Recurrent hospitalizations
  • Recurrent suicidal ideation/prior attempts
  • Unstable self image

The group focuses on developing mindfulness, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance skills using DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) to overcome the negative symptoms of the Borderline Personality Disorder.

Coping with Stress and Anxiety

To assist in developing specific skills to manage systems and improve daily functioning. Members will learn to manage the signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety. Members will learn skills to reduce worry and negative thining.

Depression and Substance Abuse Recovery

Focuses on helping clients understand how substance abuse has affected their lives & their recovery from mental illness.

Clients with a mental illness and past or current substance abuse issues who are not ready for active substance abuse therapy, yet.

Gives clients a chance, if desired, to achieve abstinence. Helps clients become motivated to work on managing symptoms of mental illness and reducing their substance use.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Focuses on relieving stress and anxiety using cognitive-behavioral therapy, including daily practice of relaxation techniques.

Clients will learn to change irrational thinking and negative self-talk, as well as learning coping strategies to decrease anxiety and stress.

Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Will help you identify and respect your rights and needs, and become more skilled at assertively taking care of yourself in relationships.

New Decisions

Adult Therapy Group for adults with developmental disabilities. Focuses on self awareness of basic needs: Love, power, acceptance and control.

Learn skills for impulse control, self responsibility, conflict resolution and empathy. Build interpersonal communication skills and trust building. and self expression. Peer and community connections.


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